A photo of the school run at a school in the Netherlands. A wide cycle path is filled with children riding bikes.

Why do you think all these children are here? I’ll give you a clue: it’s the cycle-path.

2 responses to “schoolchildren-ride-bikes-on-safe-cyclepath-in-netherlands

  1. Hello… I am preparing some materials to help London cycling campaigners lobby for safe routes to school in their local area. Would it be OK to use this photo in the pack? I am afraid we are a local borough group run by volunteers and do not have funds to pay for its use, but would of course credit and provide a link to the source.

    • Hi Jane,

      Thanks for asking to use the photo rather than just taking it as many others would!

      I’m happy for you to use the photo under the following conditions:

      1. Credit and a link is given (as you have said)
      2. It is only used in the context of campaigning for proper Dutch quality infrastructure, and not for any watered-down measures such as Bikeability, “semi-segregation”, shared cycling/walking paths, etc.

      Let me know when you’ve finished the pack, I’d love to see it in place!


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