Cycling in the Netherlands picture post #1: Families

A picture is worth a thousand words, and most of the words I write tend to be rather cynical.

In an attempt to focus on something positive instead of banging on as usual about why cycling in the UK is so awful, here is the first of a series of photo-posts. The aim of the series is to show how people in the Netherlands enjoy and benefit from the cycle infrastructure — and to show how good we could have it, too.

This first instalment shows how Dutch families use the safe cycling conditions as an easy way to get around town. These photos don’t show rare occurrences — they’re all simply normal everyday scenes in the Netherlands.

A family riding bikes on a cycle path in the Netherlands.

A woman and her son ride safely along a cycle path in the Netherlands.

A mother and her two daughters set off at the traffic lights.

A mother and daughter cycling in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands, a mother cycles to the shops with her young daughter in the large container at the front of the bike.

A young family prepare for a journey. Father and toddler on one bike, mother rides a 'bakfiets' with the baby in.

A family riding bikes in the Dutch countryside

Families ride bikes on the Dutch cycle paths.

A woman rides her bike along a cycle path in the Netherlands, her toddler in a seat behind the handlebars. The child is drinking from a bottle.


And I didn’t say the f-word once!


You can find all the picture posts here.



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8 responses to “Cycling in the Netherlands picture post #1: Families

  1. Last month we stimulated people to use good bicycle lights. Having good lights we made photographs of these people They are all posted on the sight of

    You”ll see people of all ages standing in front of a picture of the mt Ventoux. Have fun.,.

  2. They have the best bike culture of the world

  3. KruidigMeisje

    I am not allowed to say the f-word to my collegues anymore: I am too excited about fietsen. That is cycling in english…..
    They actually cannot fathom what’s extraordinary about these pictures. It’s not culture, it’s just normal, like walking or taking a shower.

  4. haagse hop

    yes, FIETSEN is normal. Now it only has to become as normal to the Brits as having a bath , eating a crumpet or going to the chippie.

  5. Jim Moore

    Last photo is brill. “Whaddayou looking at?! Eat my check shorts!”
    Great post.

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